How to Use Google AdWords for SEO

Google AdWords for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for online businesses has its undeniable challenges. And some of them don’t show up until you run advertisement campaigns and still don’t get impressive results. At the same time, digital advertisers can use other options apart from the organic traffic sources, which are the paid traffic channels.

Moreover, the number one paid traffic channel is Google Ads, an excellent platform for attracting leads that are ready to buy. Google can also get you red-hot customers who are willing to pay for your products and services. Although the paid advertisement may require some capital, you can expect to get impressive ROI that makes up for the initial agreement.

In other words, the conversion rates of these ads are relatively higher than unpaid or free traffic generation methods. They also deliver faster results while allowing you to reach specific audiences with common characteristics. Firstly, can we consider how long it takes for Google AdWords to work?

How long does Google Ads take to work?

According to professional SEO agencies that run paid ads for generating traffic, new small businesses should wait for at least six months before maturing a paid campaign. On the other hand, developing a solid campaign for impressive results may take between 6 months and 12 months. Learn more about professional SEO Agencies in Australia by clicking here.

Now, don’t be surprised at this period because your pad ad platform can also give you consistent and regular results during the campaign. In addition, the waiting period is always worth it after all. Moreover, Google AdWords is the best cost-advertising method for companies of different sizes, from minor to medium and even large global corporations.

Meanwhile, advertisers or the SEO agency must have understood the underlying principles to get the desired results. For instance, they must understand the clients, customers, and the entire digital marketspace. Another interesting question to unwrap is why PPC takes this time before it can work.

Why does PPC take time to work

A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is another name for the Google Ads campaign that charges the advertiser according to the number of users that click the ads. The primary reason why the PPC campaign takes some time before yielding results is that it has no prior history or data to use as a reference point, you can learn more about Google Ads campaign at

So, after setting up your ad campaign, the generated data may take some time before appearing in your Google dashboard. This situation can also happen if you still have a small audience size at the moment. However, suppose you have been generating some organic traffic before running the paid ad. In that case, you may not have to wait for that long before getting results.

In the former, the ads networks usually first gauge the quality of your ads alongside their performance. All these initial findings determine how your ads will be served and will perform to the targeted audience. And when your campaigns begin to yield results, you can use the data for retargeting the audience, selecting the most yielding keywords, and placing appropriate bids.

How does an SEO Agency improve PPC results?

When an SEO agency seeks to get better results from paid traffic channels, there are typical steps to take. Below are some of the workable strategies to make things work to yield better results.

Give some time for onboarding

Onboarding refers to the time to get the campaign off the ground by integrating it into the flow of internet use. You don’t just expect that creating an ad means entering the mainstream and yielding results. However, you must be willing to lay a firm foundation with clear objectives for your campaign.

Therefore, planning is an integral part of your ad running campaigns, where you first learn to know your audience personally. Without this prior knowledge, it isn’t easy to discover the best possible ways to earn higher click-through rates and conversion toward a higher ROI.

Knowing your business

If your audience doesn’t get onto your board, you cannot tell them about your offers. Moreover, before they can get on board, you also have to reach them first. Therefore, the first thing your SEO agency does is to set out to know your business and learn the correct principles. Some of the essential questions you may have to answer to your SEO agency include

  • What are your business goals?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • Where is your business starting from?
  • Who are the competitors to your business

Develop a Strategy, Build, and Campaign

An SEO agency in Sydney sits to conduct a tactical analysis that can yield the best results. Part of that includes keyword research, market research, and a thorough online audit. Next is to respond by creating a customized strategy to meet the predefined goals. There must also be a provision for tracking your campaigns. However, it depends on the experience of your SEO agency to identify the right KPIs.

Optimize your Ad campaigns

A professional SEO agency in Sydney also knows that running Ads is not a once-and-for-all affair. However, there must be continuous optimization of your ad campaigns, especially as you receive new reports. In other words, stagnation is an enemy to PPC success. Practically speaking, it is hard to optimize without having enough data to make informed decisions.

This point of your ad campaign is where you need continuous management from your SEO agency. According to the set goal and aspirations, it is time to review your actions to yield more results. In addition, you should put your cost per click ratio with your click-through rates. These metrics and the others are essential to improving your SEO game.

Test your Ad copy for a quick review

After submitting your ad to Google, do you fold your arms and wait for it to go live? Well, no! While Google is reviewing your ad for suitability and other approval stages, there is a need to recheck all the essential details of your ads to improve them. In other words, what is the element that determines whether Google approves or disapproves of your ad?

  • Headline: what does your headline look like, and whom does it target?
  • Description: running ads has to answer the question of the specific message that you want your target audience to find. What exactly is your news, and is it offensive in any way? Are you promoting prohibited or forbidden content?
  • Keywords: does your ad match up with the keywords you are targeting?
  • Landing page: when users click your ads, where do they land? Is it accessible? Can they get the information they need and take the appropriate expected action?


All the ideas of Google AdWords and PPC determine how successful your ad campaigns will be. You can also identify the need to use an SEO agency to run a successful campaign. As a business owner in Sydney, do you need Google AdWords to generate traffic and more income as a result? Hopefully, this article provides sufficient information for you.