How Top SEO Agencies measure Performance and Results

How Top SEO Agencies measure Performance and Results

Every business owner with a site wants to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs). And the system of operation that is possible and makes it work is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I’m sure that is not strange to you. So, this system allows you to get your site to the top of the search engine page.

Moreover, it depends on the relevant keywords that your business is about that drive traffic to the site. Implementing these SEO strategies is the primary job of SEO agencies. But an essential part of their job is to measure the performance and results of their activities. At the same time, an SEO agency can also enhance your chances of attracting new customers.

Therefore, this article covers some of the essential metrics that P1 SEO agencies measure on your site. Meanwhile, you should bear in mind that whatever you don’t count, you can hardly improve. Moreover, these are essential factors that Google considers in its algorithm.

Organic traffic

When an SEO agency helps you create an online presence, the endpoint is first to generate organic traffic. Meanwhile, organic traffic refers to the number of visitors to your site through search engine results. Meanwhile, the way to appear in the search engine results is by targeting the types of questions, words, or strings of words that people search for.

What the searcher inputs is called a keyword. When you answer their inquiry, you gain a visitor or subscriber. Therefore, you can measure the total number of people visiting your site monthly to indicate your overall SEO strategy. However, you can also measure and compare how much traffic your competitors are generating.

The other side of organic traffic is paid traffic, which involves paying search engines to put you on their ads section. In addition, traffic analytics is the appropriate tool to measure your monthly traffic and shows the traffic sources. The traffic sources may include direct, referral, social, paid, or search. Overall, you get to know where traffic is coming from and where it possibly goes after leaving your site.

Keyword Ranking

Again, a keyword is the word or string of words that people search for on a search engine. The results of a searcher’s inquiry are ranked in relevance, importance, and site integrity. However, there are hundreds of other factors that Google uses to rank sites in the search engine results page.

Consequently, a competent SEO agency should track your Google ranking and improve them with keywords relevant to your site. The keyword ranking results show the level of competition for these keywords. But the target is to get you as close as possible to the top of the results. Moreover, a quarter of all searchers never leave the first page of Google results.

SERP Visibility

Another related metric to measure is the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) visibility. The outcome comprises SERP features, organic results, and ads. In other words, what are the different parts of a search result that you can appear in? Examples include the features of snippets for instant answers, image packs, and knowledge panels.

This metric shows how many people view something from your site, an image, direct answer, product, or article. As a result, you get to have a bird’ eye view of your SEO strategy progress and productivity. For example, an excellent analytic tool can identify opportunities to rank for featured snippets for specific keywords. learn more about featured snippets at

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The click-through rate refers to the speed of users that clicked your website link to reach your site from the SERP. It measures the number of people in the percentage of the number of people who clicked when your site appeared. Many times, the title and meta-descriptions are the two main items that determine your click-through rate.

For instance, if your site appears 100 times in the SERP and only ten people clicked it, your CTR is 10%. If an SEO agency reports that your CTR is low, you should seek to improve your titles, meta descriptions, URLs, page load time, and featured snippets. Also, when you boost your site to appear in the top 5 results, you have a greater chance of traffic.

Many analytics tools such as Google Analytics and even the Google Search Console can give you CTR values. The report will also contain the number of impressions your site is making and the number of clicks. Meanwhile, as a site owner, you can ask your SEO agency to suggest other workable ways to produce better results.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate measures the average time and percentage a user spends before leaving. Users may indeed get to your site but not find what they are looking for, then bounce off. On the other hand, if they still navigate different pages through clicks, Google counts that. Therefore, your bounce rate is an excellent way to judge if people love your content. Click here to learn more about bounce rates.

At the same time, it can tell you if your lead magnet, website layout, and content are appealing and satisfying enough for your site visitors. Any SEO agency report that does not give this metric is not good enough for your business. Therefore, as an SEO Agency in Sydney, Pi is committed to ensuring that you get all the essential metrics that give a wholesome audit of your site.


On a final note, there are other essential items that you should watch grow as your site gains more prominence. For instance, your SEO agency measures the website authority over a period and ranks it between 1 and 100. Utilizing this domain authority may make a massive difference between your site and that of your competitors. You also need information on your backlinks, one of the most important factors to ranking and gaining traffic. Another critical factor is measuring your page speed, which is the time it takes to load your site on different devices. At least, your site should load in under 3 seconds on both mobile and desktop devices. As an SEO agency with considerable experience and technical expertise, we can push the frontiers of your site traffic beyond the limits.